Where should I start? In high school, jumping off the bridge might have been fun. You didn’t really know you could hurt yourself and frankly you were young and didn’t care. Now you’re older and not as spry as you were. DON’T go jumping off bridges because that’s what others are doing. You’re older and hopefully wiser and should at least check to see if there is a net.


Boyscout Dropout!

Let me explain the title. The boyscout motto of always be prepared is a good one. When we were younger, and you really wanted to do something, sometimes we didn’t completely plan it out. Some people would go to a party and not have a ride home and would wait until everybody’s leaving to start asking around. That was ok, somebody would give you a ride or your parents would come get you. They might be mad about it but they wouldn’t leave you stranded. At least I hope not. Now you’re a grownup, have a plan before you set out on your day.