Chain Letters 2.0

Updated – Chain Letters 2.5

Attention All – This is a public service announcement. For the love of all things good and right in the world,  please stop forwarding (read copy and pasting)  the new chain letters. If you don’t know what I’m  talking about, spend about 5 minutes on Facebook and you’ll come across one. They all start off the same – “Facebook has changed their privacy policy…..”. Yes, Facebook changes their policies, they are an ever evolving online company. They have to update and change to stay relevant.  When you signed up for Facebook (or any other social network) you agreed to their terms of service, (you know the check box that nobody reads) it states what you are giving them permission to do. If you don’t want your pictures used or public DON’T post them on Facebook. The whole purpose of the site is to share things.

If you are one of these people that believes and shares or copy and pastes these messages, then this link to is for you. There is a whole section on Facebook at Snopes. The top entries are for these privacy notices that get passed around like the old time chain letters. Now back in the day we spent hours hand copying those letters to give to friends and after a while we ran out of friends you could give them to. Here in 2013 we have the internet and social networks that connect us not only to our friends but their friends and so on. It is a never-ending supply of fresh meat to read and “believe” and copy and spread the falseness of the story of the day.

So I give you a little advise, if you don’t want it out there, don’t put it out there. Everything that you send, post, or look at online is captured. If it’s something your truly want to keep private, keep it to yourself (or your old school diary with the lock you could pry open with a pen).  That is all for now. Remember if it’s online it can be found.

Update 2015

I’m adding to this because clearly nobody heard my plea. So the privacy Facebook issues are still around, like that ex that just won’t come to terms that it’s over. It hasn’t gotten better, just worse. The more people on social media, the easier it’s been to to spread the crazy. PEOPLE, take a minute and READ! Does this really make any sense? Do you think if your Facebook account was hacked that you wouldn’t be able to see it? Now let’s take a minute to analyze the purpose of the hacker… They want as many people in your contacts to fall for their ruse, so posting “nasty” messages on your behave so people block or unfriend you does not serve their endgame. So let’s make rule #1- If someone asks you to copy and paste, take a minute and research (yes I said research – put some time into finding out if what you are posting to the people that trust you is worth posting). Rule #2 is JUST STOP!

Update 2017

Yep, this needs to be updated again. Let’s talk about the “post with one word on how we met” requests.

Social Engineering: Social engineering is the art of manipulating people so they give up confidential information.

The information you post is like a puzzle to your life. Where you work, live, hang out is all being collected and while the individual posts may not say much, putting all the pieces together will give a hacker a pretty clear picture of who you are and how to get into your accounts (and your life).

Im not saying don’t post, just be cautious and aware that what you post and how you post it, tells people how you move in the world. And one more time for the people in the back: Stop the copy and paste. Sharing makes it easier to trace back to the source.