Homework first!

Before you can play your video games, finish your homework. The adult equivalent of that is to fulfill your business obligations before you “play”. And by play I mean doing things that could so wait until you finish your work. This especially goes for if you not doing your work holds up me doing mine. I don’t have time for your excuses or your laziness. And no, I will not let you get away with it. I have no problem letting everyone know who is holding up the train.


What are you, 12?

I haven’t been 12 for a long time now, yet I feel like more and more I have to deal with issues that are on the level of 12 year olds. Why can’t things be settled like adults? Why do I feel like anything that doesn’t go your way, I will have to deal with the principal or a parent? This is just tired. If I had known that the skills I learned on the playground in third grade would be all I ever needed to know to survive adult life I would’ve kept the money I spent on college. In fact, in grade and high school, I don’t remember this level of childish conflict. Tantrums, foot stomping and running to “Daddy” are not attractive on adults. So, let’s all grown up and stop acting like if you can’t get a piece of candy the world is going to end.

No, you can’t copy off my paper!

Sure, back in high school it wasn’t a big deal to let someone copy your homework. Ok, it was a bit of a deal but you didn’t do it enough to get caught. Now let’s fast forward to now, we’re adults, we have jobs, why are you asking me to do your job? I’m getting paid for my job and you’re getting paid for yours. When I start getting paid for doing your job also then I’ll think about it but until then, not gonna happen. Do your own work!