Excel is NOT a database!

Like the title says. I don’t need to repeat myself, right? No! Of course I have to repeat myself. I probably need to hire a sky writer to get my point across, but here it goes, one more time. EXCEL IS NOT A DATABASE. Please take the all caps as me yelling because I am. My frustration level is beyond. Stop trying to make a program do something it’s not designed to do. In fact, stop trying to make people do what they can’t.


Really Great Movie Soundtracks

GuardiansWhat happened to really great movie soundtracks? As I sit here watching Guardians of the Galaxy, that thought entered my mind. An entire album that works with the movie, not just a bunch of songs thrown together that run over the end credits.

Homework first!

Before you can play your video games, finish your homework. The adult equivalent of that is to fulfill your business obligations before you “play”. And by play I mean doing things that could so wait until you finish your work. This especially goes for if you not doing your work holds up me doing mine. I don’t have time for your excuses or your laziness. And no, I will not let you get away with it. I have no problem letting everyone know who is holding up the train.